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What Does AJ’s Do?

At AJ’s Professional Contracting, no job is too small or too big. From caulking a small hole to replacing an entire industrial roofing system, our professional team does it all.


Oh, no! My roof leaks!

Before we even inspect your roof, we will address issues such as the age of the roof, the time of year, occupancy, building code requirements, your budget and intended use of the building. We will then perform a physical inspection of the roof, taking into account all of the information we have gathered before making recommendations to you.

If temporary solutions are not adequate, we will consult with you about replacement options. Available materials include: composition shingles, single-ply roof membranes, PVC & TPO, metal, and tile.


Should I Repair or Replace my Roof?

The answer depends on a physical case-by-case evaluation. The remaining serviceable life of the roof system is estimated and your short and long-term objectives are considered.

Perhaps your roof suffered damage from hail or fallen tree limbs or maybe your roof is leaking around vents, skylights, chimney, or drains. It only takes a single incident of poor installation to compromise the integrity of your roof.

Often we can restore the original service life of the roofing system for a fraction of the cost. When roof damage and deterioration is due to long-term lack of maintenance or the advanced age of a roof, it becomes difficult to justify the cost of repair. If damage is extensive, a temporary fix (application of a coating) is only a short-term option until a complete replacement of the roofing system can be completed.


AJ’s Professional Contracting makes every effort to immediately identify the cause of water leakage on the first visit; still, it can be difficult to assess the leak source. Sometimes, more than one visit is necessary to discover the entry point of the leak and make the repair. We make every effort to keep overall repair costs to a minimum. We use our experience and expertise to determine the most obvious reason water is intruding and expand from there only as needed until the leak is repaired.

Estimates are Free and Fast, so call us today…(505) 453-5626

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